Role-playing techniques to allow students to learn by role-playing their future self.  This site contains resources for educators to help students learn by doing.
Role-Playing Games for education, science and engineering.
Introduction, Workshops, and Game Resources
Reacting to the Past
If you are interested in knowing more about applying RPGs to the classroom/  Includes an introduction to RPGs, a d20 mission to mars game, amd a game about vehicle design:​
Introduction to RPGs in the Classroom (and Mission to Mars and Corvair game)

Workbook with the Cuban Missile Crisis game "Eyeball to Eyeball" - using Fate Core RPG mechanics )initially presented at the Great Lakes History Conference:
Cuban Missile Crisis Workbook

A blank Fate charachter sheet (in Powerpoint format):
PPT Charachter Sheet

The Reacting to the Past consortium has been using role-playing games to improve history education.  I attend their annual Game Design Workshop - it is a great way to learn about the role-playing approach and applying it to classes.
Creativity and Self-Monitoring
An article from PLOS ONE entitled  Neural Substrates of Spontaneous Musical Performance: An fMRI Study of Jazz Improvisation  that connects reduced self-monitoring activity in the brain to musical improvisation.